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Official housing survey offers £20

An official government survey of some homes across the district is offering a £20 thankyou for households who help the surveyors do their job.

It’s called a ‘stock condition survey’ and it records various details of a property’s construction and use, ranging from its size, shape, and what it is built from, to whether it is a rental or owner-occupied.

The results inform public policy decisions and strategic housing projects, such as helping get funding for future household energy improvement schemes.

Across Worcestershire the survey is being carried out exclusively by Opinion Research Services, in partnership with Bromsgrove District Council and other local authorities.

All residents would need to do if contacted by Opinion Research Services is agree to participate and let the surveyors do their job, which takes just a few minutes.

Bromsgrove District Council’s portfolio holder for Strategic Housing, Cllr Shirley Webb, said: “This survey helps us know things like how many properties do or don’t have cavity walls or might benefit from future energy upgrades. It provides important, valuable information about what’s needed, that helps us understand the local situation and secure funding for the district.

“It all supports our work to ensure we have better homes and if you are contacted by Opinion Research Services as part of the work we would be grateful if you would participate. You will even get a £20 voucher as a thanks for your time.”

Official council staff and contractors working on the council’s behalf will always carry official ID and be happy to wait while you check that ID - including validating that they are who they say they are by contacting the council on 01527 881288. Always be scam aware. Anyone who claims to be official but cannot provide proper ID or is not happy to wait while you check they are legitimate, is fraudulent.

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