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Application route 1. Full Plans applications and where working drawings have been prepared

A Full Plans application provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your builder is working to approved detailed plans that meet the regulations.

We advise that you speak to us for pre-application advice before you apply.

Things to consider:

  • For domestic properties the Full Plans or Building Notice route can be used. See our separate section on the Building Notice route.
  • Commercial projects must use the Full Plans route.
  • For commercial buildings we need two copies of your plans if you choose to submit hard copy documents this is, because we have to consult with the fire authority. For domestic buildings one set of plans is enough.
  • Applications can be submitted in a way to suit you. Hard copy in the post, emailed documents or using our online submission portal Submit-a-Plan (link on the right of this page). Fees are paid via email links issued after the application has bee received.
  • To ensure minimal waste we do not normally return any submitted hard copy plans once approved.

The Full Plans procedure in brief:

  • A Full Plans application is submitted to us using the form or online portal shown on this page. The form and plans etc. can be emailed to us, here. The property owner can do this themselves or use an agent such as an Architect or surveyor etc.
  • How to pay the fee is shown on last page of form.
  • We check the application and if the documents are correct we will formally register the application and confirm this to the person who made the submission.
  • We will check the submitted information to make sure what is proposed is being designed and specified to comply with the many and varied requirements of the building regulations.
  • As part of this check we may need some clarification or further information. We will contact the person who submitted the application (usually by email within a few days) explaining what we need.
  • Once we receive any further information we need or are happy with what has already been submitted we will issue an Approval Notice confirming the design submitted complies with the Building Regulations. This Notice will also tell you what we need to see on site and how to let us know you are starting work. This approval is valid for 3 years.
  • We then wait to be notified of works commencing and following that visit site at various stages.
  • If all works are satisfactory completed we will then issue a Completion Certificate to the property owner.
  • There is no timescale during which the project has to be completed but the work should not be occupied before a completion certificate is issued.

Make an application

You'll need to complete and return the below application form and pay the relevant fee.

Online application

You can apply online using here. Ensure we receive it, including a site plan and >payment at least 48 hours before work is due to start on site.

Postal Application

North Worcestershire Building Control Application Form


North Worcestershire Building Control Charges

Contact us

If you would like to contact us regarding commercial projects or works where full plans are prepared, here are our contact details.