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Consultation by BT: Removal of Public Payphones

The District Council has received a consultation letter from BT proposing to remove a number of public payphones from the District.

The list where the identified payphones are sited and the number of calls made in the last twelve months is available here.

Guidance published by Ofcom relating to the removal of public call boxes is available here.

To assist Relevant Public Bodies (i.e. the District Council) in considering responses and in making decisions as to consent or object to proposals, Ofcom has included at Annex 1 of the guidance factors which it considers relevant to the decision. Relevant Public Bodies should refer to these factors in their decisions and those making comments should be mindful of them.

The Council as the Relevant Public Body is informing interested parties as required by that guidance note.  Any comments regarding the proposed removal schedule should be submitted by 5:00pm on 24 September 2020

If you do wish to make comments, please email using BT Consultation in the subject line. Please note comments received after this date cannot be taken into account.