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Residents Rights

You are protected from illegal eviction and harassment by laws that we can and will enforce.

If you are concerned that you might be subject to illegal eviction or harassment, please contact us.

Harassment in this sense is strictly confined to a site owner:

  • Illegally depriving you of occupation of your mobile home
  • Carrying out acts calculated to interfere with your peace and comfort of occupation with the intention of causing you to leave
  • Stopping you exercising a right or remedy that you may have.

Any other behaviour that you think may be harassment, like being abusive or rude, is not something that we can enforce under this legislation and other laws apply (including the provisions of the Mobile Homes Act 1983). If you need support in this regard you should seek legal or citizens advice.

Park rules are also not a site licensing matter and are wholly an issue between you and the owner. We cannot act on behalf of anyone.

Complaints regarding sites

We will investigate alleged contraventions of site licence conditions such as: spacing between caravans; fire and electrical safety; provision and maintenance of road, paths, gates and lighting; and general management of sites. LEASE Park Home Advisory Service provide impartial advice to residents and owners of residential mobile home sites on the law governing the contractual relationship between resident and site owner.

Site Rules - depositing with the Local Authority, and the Local Authority Register of Site Rules

The Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014 prescribe the procedure for the making, variation and deletion of site rules on residential mobile home parks.  Site Licence Holders must follow a set procedure for changes to be made to “site rules” for a permanent residential home site.

Once the rules have been agreed, they must be deposited with the local authority we will publish them on our website.  Please note that Bromsgrove District Council does not have any enforcement powers to object to site rules and you should seek legal advice if you disagree with rules in place for your site.  Advice on site rules can be obtained from Lease – LEASE Park Home Advisory Service.  Below are the site rules that have been deposited with Bromsgrove District Council.

‘Disclaimer’ regarding Mobile Homes Site Rules:

All Site Rules received by Bromsgrove District Council are required to be published under Regulation 16 of the Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014.  The Site Rules that are published to the Register as required by the above Regulation are an exact copy as presented to the Council.  The Council accepts no responsibility if there are errors or omissions regarding the site rules.


1) The Local Authority does not endorse or approve these Site Rules

2) The Local Authority is not responsible for their content or enforcement 

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