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Thank you for your enquiry

What Next?

If we require any further information, you will receive an email, identifying what documentation is needed, this may include completing a more detailed application form.

Once we receive this information, we will then process your application and send a confirmation email.

If the event attendance anticipated is over 2000 we will send your proposal to the Safety Advisory Group for Events (SAG). This may take 2 to 4 weeks and may mean you have to make changes to your proposed event. 

We require a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice period from when you send your initial expression of interest to your event being approved   (this is subject also to the scale and type of the event and for larger more complex events such as funfairs this would be 12 weeks)expression of interest - we will send out a more detailed event application form’ for completion with fees and charges.  This document provides clear guidance of the detailed information required for your event.

As part of the detailed formal event application form you will be required to provide evidence of:

  • Detailed Event Management Plan (EMP) (this will include all measures and details of your event – for guidance please refer to the Purple Guide) For additional support and information please contact the events team.
  • Risk Assessment Management
  • Fire Risk Management
  • Medical Planning and First Aid
  • Emergency evacuation and planning
  • Safeguarding information
  • Crowd Management and planning
  • Site map / formal plan and layout (fencing/Barriers)
  • Public liability Insurance Certificate
  • Licences required as part of your event/activity (Music, Drink, Food)
  • Security
  • Waste and recycling Management
  • Welfare Provision
  • Traffic Management
  • Noise and Nuisance

Note:  We still ask you to consider measures for COVID-19 such as hand sanitising, cleansing regimes etc.

What happens after you apply?

If applicable we will send your documents to SAG (Safety Advisory Group) and other agencies for consultation and tell you about any feedback, including:

  • Changes you need to make to your event
  • Documents that need to be reworked
  • Concerns about safety or social distancing that need to be addressed
  • We may ask you to attend to our safety advisory group as part of this process

We WILL NOT give permission for your event to go ahead until all documentation has been signed off and this will be a formal written permission.


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