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Step Up private tenancy scheme

Find tenants fast and with a wealth of support from us through our Step Up tenancy scheme.

Step Up helps families to start renting privately by working with landlords to find suitable properties, and by helping with the tenant with the up-front costs of renting.

It includes an extensive support package for landlords, including:

  1. Sourcing a suitable tenant for your property
  2. Free inspection and survey of your property
  3. Pathways into grant assistance for any works required
  4. Payment of rent in advance
  5. Deposit Guarantee Bond in case of damage or rent arrears (to the value of one month’s rent, not subject to Deposit Protection legislation)
  6. Support to deal with Housing Benefit applications
  7. Tenancy agreement forms
  8. Free inventory service with digital pictures as backup
  9. Settling-in support to set up service accounts and budgets
  10. Ongoing support for you and your tenants to help sustain the tenancy.
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