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Charities and community sports clubs relief

If you are a registered charity, Community Amateur Sports Club or non-profit organisation you may be able to pay less tax on non-domestic property that you wholly or mainly use in relation to your objectives.


Charities are entitled to mandatory relief of 80% of the full rates bill or transitional bill if these arrangements apply, on any non domestic property that is wholly or mainly used for charitable purpose.

You could be eligible for 80% off your business rates as tax relief, and we may decide to award discretionary relief on the remaining 20%.

Community amateur sports clubs

These are also entitled to a mandatory 80% relief. If a charitable organisation or amateur sports club is responsible for an empty property may be entitled to 100% relief.

For the above, if 80% relief is awarded we have the discretion to award additional relief to your remaining bill.

Non-profit organisations

We can award up to 100% relief to non-profit making organisations. This relief is discretionary based on the objectives of the organisation.

For us to consider awarding relief, your organisation must not be established or conducted for profit making purposes.

To be considered your organisations main objective must be:

  • Charitable
  • Philanthropic
  • Religious
  • Involved in social welfare, education, science, literature, fine arts or recreation.

If we have applied relief to your business rates it will show on your annual business rates bill.

To check if your organisation or amateur sports club is eligible for relief or you would like to discuss details of this relief further please contact our Business Rates team

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