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Pub relief

In January 2020 the Government announced a £1000 business rates discount for public houses, which have a rateable value of less than £100,000.

This discount was made available for one year from April 2020.

Properties eligible for a pub relief

Properties eligible for this discount will be occupied and have a rateable value of less than £100,000.

They will also:

  • be open to general public
  • be free to enter (except for occasions where a pub hosts occasional entertainment).
  • allow drinking without the need to order food.
  • drinks can be purchased at a bar.

The following properties would not be eligible

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • nightclubs
  • hotels
  • snack bars
  • theatres
  • exhibition halls
  • concert halls
  • guest houses
  • boarding houses
  • sports venues
  • music venues
  • festival sites
  • museums
  • cinemas
  • casinos

How much relief is available

For each eligible property the total amount of relief available for year 2020/2021 is up to £1000.

If the rateable value of the property is more than £100,000 there is not eligible relief available. The eligibility and amount of relief is assessed and calculated on a daily basis.

If you own more than one pub

You will be entitled to relief for each eligible property within the limits for State Aid De Minimis.

Applying for relief

We automatically grant relief to pubs if we are aware the pub meets the eligibility criteria. If we have granted this relief to your pub it will show on your business rates bill. If you wish to retain this discount and you have not exceeded limits for State Aid Minimis as above you do not need to contact us.

Contact us if

  • You need to declare to us you have exceeded de minimis State Aid for the last 3 financial years and your discount needs to be cancelled.
  • You want to refuse the discount.

If this relief has not been applied to your business rates bill and you think you may be eligible please contact us.

We will assess your application for relief and if you qualify we will apply the amount of relief you are eligible for to your business rates account and send you a new bill.

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