Contact: Environmental services

Team phone

01527 881188


Market Street,
B61 8DA


Emergency out of hours number: 01527 67666


Assisted bin collections

You may be able to get a different type of bin collection service from us depending on your personal needs.

Bins - request new or replacement bin

If you have lost your bin or it is damaged, you can request a replacement here.

Bulky collections

We can take away your unwanted furniture, white goods and other bulky household items at very low cost.

Garden waste service

Find out about our garden waste service here.

Litter and dog bins

If a litter bin is full or damaged, or you think a new bin is needed somewhere, tell us here.

Report a missed bin

If your bin has been missed, or you've had a problem with your bin collection, we can help.

Septic tanks and cesspool emptying

If you have a septic tank, cesspit or cesspool we can empty it for you at low cost.

Waste collections service status

For all the latest information on how the current Coronavirus pandemic is affecting our Waste Collection service please look here.

When is my bin collection day?

Need to know when your bin collection day is and what to do on the day of collection? Check here for recycling bins and waste bins.