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Call for Sites

Since Autumn 2019 the Council has carried out a Call for Sites exercise.

To allow us to make progress with the site assessment process, we periodically impose informal cut-off points whereby any sites submitted after that date will not be considered until we begin preparation for the following plan-making consultation stage.

Whilst we will are still accepting Call for Sites submissions, any submissions received after 31 July 2023 will not be assessed for their suitability to accommodate development until after the next consultation period for the emerging District Plan. This is to allow us to draw conclusions on sites submitted to date and to reach a position, which informs the emerging Plan. If you have previously submitted sites as part of the Call for Sites exercise, please DO NOT resubmit them again.

Please note at this stage BDC officers have yet to publish any analysis of the submissions; the tables of sites and accompanying maps only represent what has been submitted to the Council. No conclusions should be drawn as to the suitability of a site for development due to the inclusion on this page.

The links on this page allow you to view the maps and tables of site submissions by ward or by parish, as well as an overall District map of all Call for Sites submissions.

Call for Sites Form

Call for Sites - Map of Submissions

Bromsgrove District map - call for sites submissions

Site submissions - Parish maps

Site submissions - Ward maps

Call for Sites - Tables of Submissions

Tables of sites - submissions by Parish

Tables of sites - submissions by Ward

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