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Public Participation

Would you like to get involved?

There are different ways to get involved in Overview and Scrutiny:

Suggest a topic for overview and scrutiny

If you would like a particular issue looked into then you can contact your Ward Councillor who can put forward your suggested items to the Overview  and Scrutiny Board for consideration. 

You can also submit an overview and scrutiny request by contacting the Committee Section, our contact details can be found on this page.

Please bare in mind that there is a limit to the amount of work the Overview and Scrutiny Board can undertake at any one time and it will be up to the Board to decide whether it can investigate the issues you suggest. 

Attend a Meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Board

Are you interested in an item one of the agendas?  Why not attend a meeting to find out the outcome and you can see Overview and Scrutiny Members in action. 

The Overview and Scrutiny Board currently meet approximately once a month and the meetings are usually open to the public.  Please see the Meetings Calendar which includes dates of future meetings of the Boards.  You can view Agendas and Reports of meetings that have taken place or are due to take place via the Meetings, Agendas and Reports section.

Have your say on an issue being scrutinised

Perhaps you are interested in a particular investigation that the Board or one of the Task Groups are about to undertake and you would like to contribute by giving your views on the matter being looked into. 

You can do this by contacting the Committee Section or the relevant Chairman directly if you prefer.  It is best if you can provide any comments early on into the overview and scrutiny investigation so that Members can give proper consideration to them.

Would you like to have your say on issues being considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Board or to suggest a topic for consideration?

Complete an Overview and Scrutiny Topic Proposal application

This can be email it to us or alternatively, you can write in to Overview and Scrutiny, here are our contact details

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