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What is The Overview and Scrutiny?

Overview and Scrutiny is a key part of the local democratic decision making process. It takes an overview of the local community and the community services delivered by the local statutory partners, the voluntary sector and the private sector and hones in on particular issues of concern. The Overview and Scrutiny Board acts as a commissioning body and has the power to authorise policy reviews.

It is led by elected councillors, who carry out work both in committee and outside of the formal committee process. Overview and Scrutiny members are not members of the Council’s Cabinet and do not make executive decisions, but they are independent of the Cabinet and can make recommendations for policy development and improvement.

It does not just look at the way the Council does things, it can look at anything which affects the lives of people within the District and it allows citizens to have a greater say in Council matters.

The Overview and Scrutiny process draws on evidence from Cabinet Members, Council Officers and also outside the Council. In order for Overview and Scrutiny to be a success, the Council cannot work in isolation and so it calls on the expertise and knowledge of local people, service partners and community groups to ensure the Council delivers effective services.

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