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Healthy eating

NHS Choices Healthy Eating site has a range of information, advice and tools to help you choose the right food and maintain a healthy weight. 

Lose Weight - NHS

Download the free NHS Weight Loss Plan app, health programmes to get you started, and help with healthy eating, calorie counting, BMI and weigh loss plans from NHS partners. 

Eat well - NHS

Information and guidance about eating a healthy, balanced diet, eating enough fruit and vegetables, food types, foods that help digestion and how to eat more fibre. 

Healthier food swaps - NHS Better Health

Ideas for simple food swaps that can help cut down on sugar, salt, and fat in your family's diet.

Food labels - NHS

Guidance on how to use nutrition information labels to help you and your family eat a balanced diet

5 A Day: what counts? -NHS

Find out what counts towards your 5 A Day and how you can get your recommended daily amount

Food safety - Food Standards Agency

Food safety advice, including guidance on food allergies, best before and use by dates and food additives

The vegetarian diet - NHS

Guidance on how to eat a healthy vegetarian diet

The vegan diet - NHS

Guidance on eating a healthy vegan diet

Digestive health

Avoid problems like indigestion, heartburn and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by eating a tummy friendly diet.

Eating disorders

An overview about common types of eating disorders and guidance on getting help and treatment

8 tips for healthy eating - NHS

These 8 practical tips cover the basics of healthy eating and can help you make healthier choices

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