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Take the Tea Test

Get up. Get dressed. Walk downstairs. Make tea. Carry tea. Sit down. Drink tea. Get up again.

It seems simple, but for many adults this process can be really difficult or take a long time, especially if you struggle with mobility or balance.

You can test how steady you or your relatives by doing the ‘Tea Test’:

  • Start upstairs
  • Walk downstairs to your kitchen
  • Stand on one leg and then the other for as long as you can while the kettle boils
  • Make a cup of tea or coffee
  • Carry it over to a chair
  • Sit down (drink it if you like!)
  • And then stand back up again.

How long did it take you to do each of these things? Was it easy? Did it take you longer than it used to? Are you better at some things than others? Would you like to improve your coordination, flexibility, mobility, balance?

We can help

Our Strong and Steady sessions can help with all of these things and reduce the likelihood of falling, as well as teaching participants how to get up again if they do. The classes can help you or someone you know to stay on their feet and living independently for longer.

Supported by the NHS, they are specifically designed to help people who have problems with strength and balance and who consider themselves to be at risk of falling.

Tell your relatives, friends and neighbours about the sessions today. We like our tea #StrongAndSteady! #TaketheTest #TeaTest

How do you have yours?

Strong or weak? Mug or cup? Milk or teabag first? Teapot or in the cup? Trolley or tray? One cup of tea. So much to think about. So much to take for granted. Now imagine you also have to think about:

Will I drop the cup? Will I fall over on the way to the kettle? Can I get downstairs to make a drink?

Did you know?

People with co-ordination and flexibility issues often struggle to get up quickly, button shirts or pull clothes over their head, walk up and downstairs, stand on one leg – which we have to do when we walk - and walk whilst carrying items. These things are often used as tests or indicators when assessing how mobile someone is.

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