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Year End 2023 FAQs

If you claim housing benefit, every March we send you a letter. See the FAQs below to find out more about why we send these letters.

Why have I had this letter?

Each year housing benefit and council tax support is reviewed due to changes in benefits rates, rent and Council Tax. This letter is to tell you what your housing benefit is from April 2023.

What does it mean?

The letter tells you what your housing benefit award is from April 2023, we calculate this on the latest information you have given us or we have received from DWP/HMRC etc.

What do I do if the figures on the letter are wrong?

If you find the details/income are not right in your letter you will need to tell us by completing our change in circumstance form.

What is the Council Tax Banded Scheme?

The banded scheme started April 2021 and only effects residents liable to pay Council Tax who are working age. The amount of support received is based on your household circumstances and levels of income. Some residents are able to claim a maximum reduction of 100%. The scheme is revised each year. More information about our scheme is available here.

My rent has increased but this letter has the incorrect amount on it

If you have recently advised us of a change in your rent it may not have been updated yet. Once this is done you will receive a new notification letter.

How much rent do I have to pay?

We don’t have access to your rent account. You will need to contact your landlord who will be able to advise you what you need to pay.

I haven’t received a letter to tell me what my council tax support is

No council tax support letters are being sent this year, the amount of support you receive will be shown on your council tax bill. If you require a letter advising you of how we calculate your support please contact us at

How much council tax do I have to pay?

Your council tax bill will tell you what you have to pay and how much your instalments are. If you are likely to experience any difficulties meeting these payments please see our having problems paying page

I want to speak to the person who signed this letter?

All of the letters we send out are signed by our manager. If there is anything in your letter you would like to query please email us on and we will pass your enquiry to the appropriate person who will be in touch.

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