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BirdBox is here

BirdBox is open Friday to Wednesday for food, drink, and good times! Bringing you local independent food and beverage businesses.

For all the latest visit BirdBox Bromsgrove on Facebook, and there's a BirdBox Instagram too.

We're looking forward to getting things going again once it's safe.

Still to come

Events... workshops... events... well-being activities... and more, once it's safe.

Set yourself up at BirdBox

There is currently no booking fee for BirdBox spaces as the council wishes to aid businesses with Coronavirus recovery.

If you are interested in setting up at BirdBox contact North Worcestershire Economic Development and Regeneration (NWEDR) on or 01562 732192.

BirdBox is an NWEDR project on behalf of Bromsgrove District Council. Here's more information from NWEDR.