Sanders Park

Sanders Park is Bromsgrove’s premier park and it attracts over 350,000 visitors per year.

Covering 16.3 hectares to the west of Bromsgrove, the park links the town to the countryside beyond. Together with the small valley of the Battlefield Brook that runs through it, has been an important green space for the town for centuries. It was formally opened as a park in 1968.


  1. Bowling green and tennis courts - see here for prices. To book, contact the Sanders Park Information Office (next to the café) on bank holidays, weekends and school holidays in April-September. At all other times please contact the café.
  2. Outdoor skate park
  3. Two Multi Use Games areas
  4. State of the art children's play area
  5. The Jubilee Bandstand
  6. Pavilion with cafe, information office, and toilets including disabled facilities
  7. Start point for the Royal Hunters' Walks (5, 8, and 12 miles)
  8. Sensory garden.

Barbeques are not permitted, except under certain circumstances - here's our full barbeque restriction notice.

Dog Owners Advice from EA regarding water quality during prolonged hot periods

Health risks to dogs during prolonged hot dry periods are normally associated with blue/green algae in static water environments. However in periods like this when rainfall and river flows have been very low for many weeks, the flow is often predominantly treated water from local upstream sewage works.  As a result there is potential for bacteria and algae to accumulate, especially in pools, during these extreme conditions. Under normal flows the potential pollutants would be flushed quickly through the park.

A second potential risk to dogs will be when we experience a heavy rainfall event, at this time pollutants from roads and surface drains may be flushed in higher  than normal concentrations into the watercourse.

We appreciate that in these extremely hot conditions dogs will naturally want to play in the brook, however we would advise that dog owners limit access to larger rivers, where pollutants are more diluted and dispersed – the Battlefield Brook is a very small watercourse -  and in all circumstances should not allow dogs into watercourses for several days after heavy rain.

Any health risks are due to the extreme hot weather NOT the river restoration works!

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