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Pre-application advice

The Council collects personal information about you for the purposes of providing you with a discretionary service in respect of preliminary advice and information prior to submitting a planning application.  The legal basis for this processing is the fulfilment of a contract; in order to provide you with expert advice; individuals must provide the Council with sufficient personal data to perform the service. (Sometimes your information is provided by a third party such as a developer, an architect, quantity surveyor, or project lead)

The data collected is:

  • Names
  • Contact details
  • Signatures
  • Other location data pertaining to your pre-application advice request
  • Any other information you may provide to us during the pre-application process

This information will be accessed and used by Development Management staff in order to answer your query or request.   The Council is not required to publish pre-application data and related enquiries, however the Authority is subject to Freedom of Information legislation and Environmental Information Regulations, and has a duty to disclose information unless an exemption or exception apply. Therefore if there are any reasons why you consider that the information you are providing to support a request for pre-application advice should not be made public in accordance with the exceptions set out in the Regulations, for example, where there are issues of commercial sensitivity please outline them when you are completing your advice request form.

We will usually consult you further if a request is made involving information given to you as pre-application advice, as the situation may have changed by the time a request is received. The Council reserves the right to release the information where appropriate in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

We may share the data with other partners such as; Highways, statutory consultees and consultants to gather their views on the proposal.

Where cost recovery is sought and a fee is charged, this will be processed by the Finance Department.  If costs exceeded £500, the invoice number and supplier name /ID would appear on the Councils website here. If you object to having your data published in this way please contact  for further information.

Pre-application data will be kept for 12 months unless the application goes ahead, in which case it may form part of the permanent record which is kept indefinitely. Where a fee is charged, this will be retained for 6 years plus under the Limitations Act 1980.

This information will not be shared/sold to any other service/organisation unless we have a duty to do so under law.

No decisions around this data are made by automated means.


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