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Spadesbourne Brook Study

Bromsgrove District Council has a vision to improve the town centre by reinstating Spadesbourne Brook as a more natural asset. Opening up the Brook from its enclosed culvert and giving it a more natural form between Church Street and Hanover Street (along Crown Close and across Market Place) would achieve a number of benefits. It would make it more attractive for the people of Bromsgrove and visitors, who would be given greater access to it with a new footpath along it. This footpath would also create an attractive link between the town centre and Sanders Park. An important objective of naturalising the Brook is to provide habitat for water voles. These mammals are protected by Law, but are very scarce in Worcestershire, with only two small populations surviving and these are separated by the culvert section of Spadesbourne Brook. Opening the culvert out and making the brook more suitable for water vole habitation and foraging should encourage the expansion of the population and aid their survival.

Final Report

Naturalisation of Spadesbourne Brook - Development Brief Report

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Site Photographs (Available to view on request)

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Worcestershire County Council Letter re Paths (Available to view on request)

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