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LDP Monitoring Documents

Previous Monitoring Documents

We regularly monitor our progress to check how our policies are being implemented and to measure our performance against targets. This makes us aware of changes that may be necessary when we come to review the policies in the future.

Housing Land Availability and Five Year Housing Land Supply Reports

These reports collate data on housing land supply in Bromsgrove District. They bring together the planning permissions issued for new homes each year and following comprehensive site visits each spring, and calculate the number of homes that are either Under Construction or have been Completed. Analysis is included on the type of land where new homes have been built (location, brownfield/greenfield, density), the size of new dwellings and provision of affordable housing.

A key part of this is the requirement to look forward at the anticipated supply of homes over a 5 year period, and compare it to the Council’s housing target over the same period.  This is known as the five year housing land supply (5YHLS).  The Council normally updates its 5 year supply each spring after the yearly monitoring site visits have been undertaken.  The exception to this has been during the Examination period when the Inspector requested updated 5YHLS information for different time periods.


Employment Land Availability Reports

These reports collate data on employment land supply in Bromsgrove District. They monitor the planning permissions issued for employment land uses (B1, B2 and B8) each year and the status of sites with an outstanding planning permission to see if these have been built.  It charts the overall employment land supply position in the district which is important to monitor against the target in the Bromsgrove District Plan.

Authority Monitoring Reports

Local Planning Authorities have a requirement to publish an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) as set out in the 2011 Localism Act. The purpose of the AMR is to chart the progress of Local Plan documents within the Local Development Scheme, report on any activity in relation to the Duty to Cooperate and to monitor the effectiveness of the district’s planning policies.

Previous AMRs for Bromsgrove District Council can be viewed below:

Town Centre Health Checks

These reports look at the health of Bromsgrove town centre, including the number of vacant units, the amount of pedestrian footfall and the range of uses on offer.

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