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Neighbourhood Plans

Neighborhood Plans allow local people to come together to decide how they want their area to develop.

Bromsgrove District Council are committed to helping communities to produce Neighbourhood Plans and will engage constructively with local people throughout the process. Where resources allow, we will attend meetings and consultation events, give advice and review draft material.

Once finalised and adopted by us, a Neighbourhood Plan will become the starting point for determining planning applications in that area.

To be adopted by us, Neighbourhood Plans must:

  1. Be in general conformity with the development strategy and policies set out within our existing local plans.
  2. Undergo an examination
  3. Get a minimum of 50% approval from residents in a local referendum.

Map of Designated Neighbourhood Areas in Bromsgrove District

Further guidance

For further assistance with Neighbourhood Planning, please view the website:

Planning Policy Guidance

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