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Economic Development Theme Group

As Bromsgrove Partnership's key forum to discuss the economic development of Bromsgrove District, our Economic Development Theme Group is the place to come and talk about business.

Senior council executives including the cabinet member and head of service for economic development, as well as the chief executive, attend the group meetings to listen and respond to local businesses. These conversations help the council to create its local economic development policy.

Businesses can easily join the meetings that take place every two months.

Message from the Chair

Rob is Managing Director of Operations at Guest Truck and Van, which covers Bromsgrove.

“My work is fundamentally business to business, and I know that as a business community we can get stuck in our own silos. I joined the theme group nearly two years ago after hearing about it from a colleague and I was interested in getting involved in working alongside businesses, the community and the public sector.

"Not only is it, from a personal point of view, a networking opportunity, but by working together we can make a difference and have more influence with key members of our communities and public sector organisations, like the council. By putting all the representatives in one room we get to hear about what is going on in our local area and, through NWEDR, we learn what grants are available for businesses.

"Two years ago I wanted to make a difference to the business and wider community. We still have a long way to go as we forge a pathway as a partnership but I think we are bringing together a lot of ideas and initiatives to achieve this goal.

"We are strength in numbers and I look forward to welcoming new people onto the group.”


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Rob Spittle

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