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View and comment on planning applications

Public Access system

Text details including Decision Notices and Section 106 Agreements are available on this system from July 1978 to the present day, with the documents available from 2008 onwards.

Just use the link on this page to access the system. You will need a keyword, reference number, or single line of an address.  You can also search by postcode but not all submitted applications have a listed postcode.  Guidance for registering your details on Public Access is located here.

Comments submitted will be sent directly to the Case Officer dealing with the application, and taken into consideration as part of the application process. Comments must be made in relation to planning issues only, any personal references and/or vexatious comments will not be taken into account or kept on record.  The Council disclaims responsibility for content posted directly onto its website via Public Access and reserves the right to remove any content considered to be inappropriate.  An example list of matters that can and cannot be taken into consideration are listed here.

Please note that any comments made, including personal details submitted, can be seen by Councillors, the applicant and members of the public, and is published on Public Access as part of the planning application. We will endeavour not to publish signatures and telephone numbers. All comments received will form part of a public document which will be available for public inspection, therefore do not supply details you do not want published.  Comments submitted on Public Access in relation to an application arising from a planning enforcement investigation will still be publicly viewable, including the personal details submitted.

Please note that the system is time sensitive and will automatically expire after 30 minutes.  If you are making lengthy comments you are advised to make a draft version in an alternative format and then use the copy/paste facility to place the text into the comment box. 

In mid-October 2021 we will be upgrading the security of our Public Access system.  After this upgrade only modern browsers will support the security protocols required by government legislation.  Microsoft Edge is the default browser recommended.

Please report any issues you have via the report function of the website and if possible please state which browser is being used so that the matter can be investigated.

Essential Maintenance

There are limited times when essential system maintenance is required to keep the system at optimal performance and this may result in the service being temporarily unavailable.  We aim to announce such requirements on this page.  There are also times when the service may become unresponsive.  This typically occurs in late evening due to server backup works.  If you experience one of these unresponsive periods, it is advised that you access the system again after a short period.

Click here to enter Public Access.

Other Ways to comment

Alternatively you can submit your comments by writing or email. Please include the reference number at the head of any letter or email. Comments will need to be submitted in writing/email to be taken into consideration as part of the planning application.

Privacy Notice

We collect, hold and process information supplied by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, to allow us to provide services effectively. Information relating to Privacy Notices and the Privacy Notice for Development Management relating to the submission of applications is available here.

Planning history

Complete planning history details are not available online. However, they can be requested. Here are our contact details.