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Housing Benefit Accuracy Review Form

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Before you start:

The form below will ask about who lives with you, your household income, your rent and details of any savings or investments.

If any changes have taken place, you will need to send us supporting evidence. Evidence can be uploaded in section 11 of this review form or sent separately at our evidence upload page.

In section section 11, please note we will only accept the following files as attachments:

  • Images (jpeg, gif, png, tif)
  • PDF files
  • TXT files

Please do not send us any password protected documents as we will not be able to use or see them.

We advise logging into the password protected document, taking a photo or screen shot of the information, then uploading this as an image in the file formats above.

Please note we no longer accept emails with attachments

It is essential this review of your claim is completed so please respond if we contact you. You will have 1 month to complete the review. After this time your claim will be suspended.

** please note that on submitting this form you are stating all information given to be accurate to the best of your knowledge

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