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In the aftermath of the fire at Grenfell Tower in London, the Department for Local Government wrote to the Council asking it to check for ACM cladding on housing over 18 meters high in our area, and to report back to the DCLG with its findings.

As there are no buildings of this type in Bromsgrove, the council reported a ‘nil return’ back to the DCLG within 24 hours of receiving the original request to undertake the checks.

The Council is also in close contact with its social housing partners and has provided a central point of contact for them should they wish to raise any concerns about the checks they have also undertaken in response to the DCLG request.

We would also like to assure residents that the cladding promoted to private households via the Green Deal Communities external wall insulation scheme are all certified and installed to stringent nationally recognised standards by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) as being low risk in respect to fire.

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