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Payment arrangements

If you are having problems paying your council tax we will try to reach an agreement with you to clear any debts or missed payments.

If you are having problems paying please contact us as soon as possible. We can discuss a manageable repayment plan before we take steps towards recovering the debt.

How to set up a payment arrangement with us.

You are able to set up payment arrangements with us in the following ways.

In your Online Council Tax Account.

In the Quick Links section of your account summary page choose Apply to Set up a Payment Arrangement.

Select the debt you want to repay from the table and complete the details on the form.

Contact Us.

If you let us know about any problems paying we can discuss and arrange a manageable repayment plan.

You will need to complete and send to us a financial statement form of your household income and outgoings.

Download our Financial Statement Form.

If you miss a payment or your payment is late and you have not contacted us to discuss any problems we will begin taking action to recover the debt.

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