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Renting to students

If you're a landlord of a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), which is rented to students, you may be able to get some money off your bill

  • If everyone at the property is a full-time student
  • The property is exempt
  • If one household member (over 18) isn't a student, the property can't be exempt. But you may still be able to get a discount.
  • If two or more household members (over 18) aren't students, there are no student reductions.

Apply for a student discount or exemption

It is the student's responsibility to provide us with a copy of their student certificate. But many colleges and universities provide us with information of their students.

The student discount or exemption will end from the date the course is completed. So, there may be a charge to pay from the date the student course ends to the tenancy end date.

Student discounts and exemptions are reviewed annually, to help identify any change in tenants, which may affect the charges payable.

More information on how to apply for student discounts or exemptions is available from our Full time Student section

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