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Waste Responsibilities for Landlords

As a landlord renting out a property, you must make sure that it is being looked after and this includes getting the tenants to use the waste collection services correctly whilst in your building.  Once the property becomes vacant, any waste items left behind are no longer considered household waste but commercial waste. It is then the landlord's responsibility to pay for and remove. It is therefore within your best interest to ensure your tenants are fully aware of the services available to them as residents and are using them correctly throughout their tenancy.

As a landlord you must:

  • Ensure tenants are disposing of waste appropriately. The services provided by Bromsgrove and Redditch Waste Collection Services are designed to be easy to use and allow for safe collection and disposal of regular household waste.
  • Arrange for an alternative collection of waste should your tenants produce in excess of 240L of black bin waste or if they heavily contaminate recycling bins on a regular basis, you will need to find alternative methods of dealing with this waste. (please enquire with us if you have this problem)
  • Ensure that any bulky waste items or other items of rubbish are removed from the premises. Leaving waste within the property boundary or on the street is not acceptable and can result of imprisonment or unlimited fines.

As a Local Authority we must:

  • Provide a waste collection service to each property and supply each dwelling with:

1x240 litre grey bin for residual waste

1x240 litre green bin for recycling waste

Our grey and green bins are collected on alternate weeks and have been designed for the convenience of the resident allowing a wide range of household packaging to be recycled.

  • Where appropriate, provide apartments and flats with communal bins, allowing the above capacity for each dwelling.
  • Offer a bulky waste collection service for household waste items that are too large for the regular bin collection service (this is a chargeable service)
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