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Encouraging Biodiversity

Biodiversity Bee BDCBiodiversity Butterfly BDC

We understand the need to enhance wildlife in our town and one thing we are doing to encourage biodiversity is to leave the grass to grow if it is safe to do so.

It is more important than ever to promote diversity of flora and fauna as our environment becomes under more threat from the impacts of climate change including increasing temperatures, droughts, heavy rainfall and fluctuating temperatures. The impacts of reduced flora and fauna will have impacts on the crops we grow as the number of pollinator species decrease; this is a very real threat to our food chain and our food security for the future. Having robust, species rich and healthy wildlife is increasingly important as this will help our natural environment to be more resilient against the impact of our changing climate.

Our teams have been putting up signs along roads and in areas where we have not cut large areas of grass.  So if you see these signs, you'll know why the grass has been left long.

Biodiversity Dragonfly BDCBiodiversity Ladybird BDC

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