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Grass Maintenance

Grass Cutting

Update 29 April 2024 - The grass cutting team have started the 2nd round of cutting, due to the wet weather causing ground condition issues they are currently about 12 days behind schedule, all being well they should be able to catch up on most of the lost time by the end of the next cutting cycle.

We cut grass between March and November, however this is Dependant on the weather and seasonal growth rates. Please see below the areas we cut and the order we cut them in.


Order Area
1 Stoke Prior
1a Stoke Pound
2 Aston Rd/ Redditch Road
3 Stoke Heath
4 Charford
5 Millfields
5a Deansway
5b Rock Hill
6 Aston Fields
6a Harwood Park
6b Finstall
7 Lowes Hill - Birmingham Road
7a Upland Road
7b Worcester Road including Forelands estate
7c Asda Recreation ground
7d Stratford Road
8 Oakalls
9 Lickey End
9a Burcot Village
10 Sidemoor
11 Catshill
11a Marlbrook
12 Blackwell
13 Beoley
13a Rowney Green
14 Barnt Green
15 Wythall (only limited sites)
16 Alvechurch
17 Hopwood
18 Cofton
18a Lickey
19 Rubery
20 Fairfield
21 Belbroughton
21a Clent
22 Romsley
22a Frankley
23 Hagley


  • We aim to be no longer than 4 weeks between cuts at a maximum, a 3 week cycle is the target subject to any unforseen service delays.
  • Bromsgrove council may not be responsible for the maintenance of a particular area or piece of grass, if this is the case we may be able to discuss that with you and help make the owners aware.
  • In the event of a serious incident in the district such as flooding, we may need to use all available resources for a short time to support, this may include our landscaping team.
  • Residents being proactive in keeping the highway verges clear of obstacles will help us to maintain the grass and avoid having additional follow up on sections the mowers can`t get to safely.
  • If a vehicle is parked on a verge we won't be able to cut the grass underneath until our next visit
  • Our staff are happy to help but please remember to keep a safe distance if you do wish to speak to them directly whilst they are mowing. Otherwise please ring us on 01527 881188 if you have any issues
  • We understand that some residents do not appreciate being woken by the sound of mowers and therefore we make every effort to avoid starting the machines before 8:30am.
  • Grass cutting is done by us predominantly Monday to Friday. (exc. Bank holidays)
  • We may opt to delay starting an area with lots of bins out during a collection day, so if you do see the grass team and they don`t start cutting on that day, this may be why.
  • The majority of the grass we cut is on behalf of Worcestershire county council, the exceptions being council recreation grounds, open spaces or council operated buildings such as the Parkside building.
  • Most of the trees on the highway verges are maintained by Worcestershire County Council, we would typically be responsible for trees in places such as those listed in this link.

You may have noticed we have started to leave larger areas of grass uncut.  This is to encourage biodiversity

We cut the grass verges in towns and villages on behalf of Worcestershire County Council.

We also maintain our Public Open Spaces and Council owned Memorials.


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