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Litter and Spillages

Dropping litter like cigarette stubs, food wrappers and gum makes our District look untidy and is against the law. Dropping litter can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued or even prosecution in magistrates’ court.

We provide a programmed and responsive cleansing function throughout the district, but if you have seen some litter that needs to be cleared up, please let us know here

Report litter and spillages here

If we receive reports of littering offences being committed and the offenders’ details are known we may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice, if that is not paid, we can pursue the matter to court.

If the offenders’ details are not known but we have information such as location and times, we can target patrols in these areas.

If you see someone discarding litter on public land you can report it to us here

Notify litter enforcement here

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