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10.0. Clean, Green and Healthy

Documents relating to Bromsgrove's environment, including leisure and health.

The list is split into two parts, first a list of documents and then a list of secondary web pages that contain the relevant documents:


CDB 10.10 Was CDR 12.3 Good Practice Guidance Note 5 Delivering Healthy Communities
CDB 10.11 Was CDR 10.6 Water Cycle Study
CDB 10.12 Was CDR 10.5 Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
CDB 10.14 Was CDR 10.4 Worcestershire Waste Core Strategy
CDB 10.15 Local Air Quality Management Detailed Assessment
CDB 10.16 Local Air Quality Management Action Plan
CDB 10.17 Planning For Renewable Energy In Worcestershire Worcestershire County Council
CDB 10.18 Planning For Climate Change In Worcestershire Worcestershire County Council
CDB 10.19 Planning For Water In Worcestershire Worcestershire County Council
CDB 10.2 Bromsgrove Health Profile
CDB 10.21 Geodiversity Action Plan For Worcestershire Hereford And Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust
CDB 10.22 Was CDR 10.7 Landscape Character Assessment Supplementary Guidance Worcestershire County Council
CDB 10.24 Geodiversity Data For Bromsgrove District Council Strategic Development Sites & Bromsgrove Town Redevelopment Areas Earth Heritage Trust
CDB 10.25B Ecological Study For Strategic Sites Part 2
CDB 10.26 Green Infrastructure Baseline Report
CDB 10.27 Draft Perryfields Green Infrastructure Concept Plan
CDB 10.28 Mink And Water Vole Strategy
CDB 10.29 Was CDR 10.3 Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Strategy
CDB 10.30 Historic Environment Assessment
CDB 10.31 Climate Change Strategy And Action Plan For Bromsgrove And Redditch
CDB 10.33 Was CDR 10.10 Renewable Energy Capacity Study For The West Midlands
CDB 10.34 Was CDR 10.11 Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy For Herefordshire And Worcestershire 2004 2034
CDB 10.35 Was CDR 10.22 Worcestershire County Council Renewable Energy Study
CDB 10.36 Was CDR 10.13 River Basin Management Plan
CDB 10.37 Trees And Woodland In Worcestershire Worcestershire County Council
CDB 10.38 Low Emissions Strategies Using The Planning System To Reduce Transport Emissions DEFRA
CDB 10.39 Energy White Paper Meeting The Energy Challenge Department Of Trade And Industry
CDB 10.40 Improving Infrastructure Heat Mapping And Decentralised Energy Feasibility Study Halcrow Group Limited
CDB 10.42 Building A Greener Future Policy Statement Department For Communities And Local Government
CDB 10.43 Climate Change Adaption By Design Town And Country Planning Association
CDB 10.48 Worcestershire Climate Change Strategy Worcestershire County Council
CDB 10.49 Biodiversity 2020 DEFRA
CDB 10.50A Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Framework 1
CDB 10.50B Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Framework 2
CDB 10.50C Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Framework 3
CDB 10.50D Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Framework 4
CDB 10.9 Worcestershire Access And Informal Recreation Strategy 2009 – 2019


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