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Council Tax Support Banded Scheme

About the banded scheme

Since 1st April 2021, Council Tax Support claims for working age households are assessed using an income banded scheme. These changes have opened up our Council Tax Support scheme to more residents who may need this help.

The scheme is made up of five income bands with a maximum reduction of 100%

The scheme only effects residents liable to pay Council Tax who are working age.

Support for pension age residents is protected and is not affected by the banded scheme. Council Tax Support claims for pension age residents continues to be assessed using the original guidance set out by central government.

Council Tax Support banded scheme and Universal Credit

The banded scheme offers better support if you claim Universal Credit.

If you are a resident in work and have fluctuating earnings or other changes in circumstances, your Universal credit award may be recalculated each month. Under the previous scheme, the amount of Council Tax Support needed to be adjusted each time a change happened, affecting their payment schedule, and increasing their risk falling into arrears.

The banded scheme addresses this by placing a residents circumstances into an income band. Each band decides the percentage of reduction we will apply to your bill.

Example: A single resident earns £120 per week. Their discount band is income band 2. If the following month they earn £130 a week they would remain in band 2. The amount of Council Tax Support they get stays the same and their bill does not need to be recalculated. Their payment instalment plan stays the same.

Council Tax Support banded scheme 2024/2025

Our banded scheme is based on household circumstances and level of income.

From the 1st April 2023, we have increased the level of support for working age applicants in certain income bands.

We have also updated the 2023/2024 scheme to disregard certain childcare charges subject to eligibility criteria.

Discount Single Person Single Person with
One Child
Single Person
with two
or more children
Couple Couple with
one child
Couple with two
or more children
Band 1
100% £0 to £123.00 £0 to £192.00 £0 to £262.00 £0 to £176.00 £0 to £246.00 £0 to £315.00
Band 2
80% £123.01 to £150.00 £192.01 to £230.00 £262.01 - £299.00 £176.01 - £203.00 £246.01 - £283.00 £315.01 to £352.00
Band 3
55% £150.01 to £176.00 £230.01 to £267.00 £299.01 to £336.00 £203.01 to £230.00 £283.01 to £320.00 £352.01 to £390.00
Band 4

£176.01 to £203.00

£267.01 to £304.00 £336.01 to £374.00 £230.01 to £256.00 £320.01 to £358.00 £390.01 to £427.00
Nil award 0% Over £203.00 Over £304.00 Over £374.00 Over £256.00 Over £358.00 Over £427.00

Policy Document

For more details see our Council Tax Support Scheme document.

Benefit Contact Details

 01527 881288

We have introduced a call back facility for when we are experiencing a high volume of calls.

This will mean that instead of waiting in a queue to speak to someone after a period of waiting you will be able to leave your name and number and we will get back to you by the end of the next working day.

Benefits Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday 10am - 5pm

Bank Holidays Closed

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