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Bromsgrove District Plan Proposed Submission Consultation responses [ARCHIVED]

We published our Proposed Submission version of the Bromsgrove District Plan for a six-week formal representation period from 30th September to 11th November 2013.

A report summarising the consultation responses was produced and submitted to the Planning Inspector.

The consultation responses can be viewed in full below, with personal and contact information removed for the purposes of data protection.


B001 Alliance Planning Charles Church Developments Redacted
B002 AMEC HCA Redacted
B003 Arnold Redacted
B004 Barnt Green Parish Council Redacted
B005 Barton Wilmore Kler Group Redacted
B006 Barton Wilmoretaylor Wimpey Redacted
B007 Barton Wilmore Gallagher Estates Redacted
B008 Barton Wilmore The Church Commissioners For England Redacted
B009 Belbroughton Parish Council Redacted
B010 XB065 Bentley Pauncefoot Parish Council Redacted
B011 Bigwood Seafield Pedigrees Redacted
B012 Bigwood Mr P Stapleton Redacted
B013 Bigwood Taylor Trustees Redacted
B014 Bigwood Oakland International Redacted
B015 Bigwood Matthews And Jones Redacted
B016 Birmingham City Council Redacted
B017 Brooks Anne Redacted
B018 Canal And Rivers Trust Redacted
B019 Carter Jonas Bovis Homes Redacted
B020 Centro Redacted
B021 Coal Authority Redacted
B022 CPRE Redacted
B023 Dodford With Grafton Parish Council Redacted
B024 Royal Mail Redacted
B025 DTZ Phoenix Life Ltd Redacted
B026 Fisher German Trustees Of The Yates Trust Redacted
B027 Framptons Telstar Ltd Redacted
B028 Framptons Reynolds Family Redacted
B029 Framptons Catesby Estates Miller Homes Redacted
B030 Framptons Stoke Prior Development Part 2 Of 4 Redacted
B031 Gerner John Redacted
B032 GL Hearn Gallagher Estates Redacted
B033 GVA Pinewood Parks Redacted
B034 Hagley Parish Counci Redacted
B035 XB066 Harris Lamb Birmingham Properties Group Part 2 Of 2 Redacted
B036 XB068 Home Builders Federation Redacted
B037 Herefordshire Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust Redacted
B038 Hotham Redacted
B039 Hunterpage Bellway And Bloor Homes Redacted
B040 XB069 Hutchings Redacted
B041 Hurst Michael Redacted
B042 King Peter Redacted
B043 Lickey And Blackwell Parish Council Redacted
B044 National Federation Of Gypsy Liaison Groups Redacted
B045 Parkwood Consultancy Services I Latif Esq Redacted
B046 Parkwood Consultancy Services Cawdor Capital Redacted
B047 Peacock And Smith Morrisons Redacted
B048 Pegasus St Francis Group Redacted
B050 Phase 2 Planning One Property Group Redacted
B051 Planning Prospects St Modwen Redacted
B052 PJ Planning Bournville Village Trust Redacted
B053 PRP Consultants Henry Woolridge Redacted
B054 RCA Regeneration N Harrison Redacted
B055 Rowney Green Association Redacted
B056 RPS Messrs Wild Johnson Mcintyre And Fisher Redacted
B057 Savills Taylor Wimpey Redacted
B058 Shephard JM Redacted
B059 Solihull MBC Redacted
B060 Sport England Redacted
B061 Stansgate Brierley Properties Ltd Redacted
B062 XB067 South Worcestershire Development Plan Redacted
B063 Terence Orouke CJH Land Ltd Redacted
B064 Tetlow King BDHT Redacted
B065 Theatres Trust Redacted
B066 Latham Marr Redacted
B067 Tyler Parkes Piper Homes Redacted
B068 West Midlands Joint Committee Redacted
B069 Williams Redacted
B070 Canals Society Redacted
B071 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Redacted
B072 Worcestershire County Council Redacted
B073 Woodland Trust Redacted
B074 Woodhams Philip Billingham And Kite Redacted
B075 Wyre Forest District Council Redacted
B076 Wythall Residents Association Redacted
B077 XB001 Advance Planning Heyford Developments Redacted
B078 English Heritage Redacted
B079 XB002 Environment Agency Redacted
B080 XB003 Gladman Developments Redacted
B081 XB004 Highways Agency Redacted
B082 XB005 Natura England Redacted
B083 XB006 Pegasus Gallagher Estates Bordesley Part 1 Of 3 Redacted
B083 XB006 Pegasus Gallagher Estates Bordesley Part 2 Of 3 Redacted
B083 XB006 Pegasus Gallagher Estates Bordesley Part 3 Of 3 Redacted
B084 XB007 Pegasus Gallagher Estates Maypole Farm Redacted
B085 Savills Stoford Lts And Gorcott Trust Redacted
B086 XB008 Cobb Richard Cafe Quote Ltd Redacted
B087 XB009 Tetlow King West Midlands HARP Planning Consortium Redacted
B088 West Mercia Police And HWFRS AM Redacted
B089 Wygwest Mercia Police And Crime Commissioner Redacted
B090 Framptons Telstar Ltd Redacted
B091 Clent Parish Council Redacted
B092 XB014 RPS Persimmons Brockhill West Redacted
B094 Cook Kevin Redacted

The consultation responses can be viewed in full below , with personal and contact information removed for the purposes of data protection.

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