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Trees in open space

Within the Bromsgrove District Council area it is generally the case that trees standing within land immediately adjoining the public highway and path network are the responsibility of Worcestershire County Council to manage and maintain.  Therefore if you wish to report an issue relating to a tree in this situation via the County website

Bromsgrove District Council are responsible for the management and maintenance of trees within the public parks and woodlands listed below. 

  • Sanders Park
  • Lickey End Park
  • Recreation Ground (Town Centre)
  • St Chads Park
  • Callowbrook Park
  • Charford Recreation Ground
  • King George Recreation Ground
  • Braces Lane Recreation Ground
  • Boleyn Road Recreation Ground
  • Aston Fields Recreation Ground
  • Roundhill Wood

If you wish to report a tree within one of the areas listed above,


Report a tree here

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