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Gambling for Good Causes

Those involved in fundraising for good causes often organise events involving types of gambling as a means to raise money. Typical fundraising activities that involve gambling include:

  • Lotteries (such as raffles and tombola).
  • Race nights.
  • Casino nights.
  • Bingo.

Gambling laws allows most such gambling activities to be provided on a non-commercial basis, without the need for permission from the local authority or the Gambling Commission, provided that relevant rules are followed.


A simply advice leaflet on running a lottery, including raffles, tombola and sweepstakes has been produced by the Gambling Commission.

Gambling Commission - Basic advice on running lotteries

If your lottery cannot be run in such a way as to fall within the definition of an "exempt lottery" you may decide to register with us to provide small society lotteries.

Race Nights, Casino Nights etc

Advice on running a race night or similar event for a good cause can be found on the Gambling Commission website


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