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Here is a list of some of the most popular things you can report.

Abandoned vehicles

Help us remove unsightly, untaxed and potentially dangerous abandoned vehicles by reporting them.

Change in Circumstances

Tell us straight away if you are getting benefits and your address or other circumstances change. You might be committing benefit fraud if you don't.


This is a link to the Crimestoppers website.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse takes many forms including physical violence. We're here to support you, challenge perpetrators and educate the public.

Drainage and sewerage

Who is responsible for drainage and sewerage issues? Find out here.

Empty homes

Empty homes can attract vandalism and anti-social behaviour, and are a wasted resource for both the owner and people that need a home - so we try to bring them back into use.

Fly tipping

Spotted a fly tip? Please tell us as soon as you can and help us keep the district clean.


Information on reporting fraud - including Housing Benefit fraud and Council Tax Support fraud

Highways Report an issue

Report highway issues and faults such as; potholes, street lights, traffic lights, gritting, bridges, spills to Worcestershire County Council here.

Home repairs

If your home is in need of repair, we may be able to help.

Housing complaint or enquiry

Homes should be maintained to a decent standard and safe to live in, and we can help make sure this happens.

If you smell gas

Don't delay - here's what to do if you can smell gas.

Landscape Maintenance

Find out what we do to maintain the grass and hedges in your area and report any issues to us

Litter and street cleaning

If there is a litter problem, please tell us as soon as you can. We also deal with dead animals from the roadside.

Maintaining watercourses and ditches

Get permission to carry out work on watercourses, help with planning applications, and more here.

Planning enforcement

If development is carried out without the required planning permission, or is not in accordance with the approved details, a breach of planning may have occurred and we may proceed to take formal enforcement action

Report a hate crime

Here are ways you can report a hate crime.

Report a missed bin

If your bin has been missed, or you've had a problem with your bin collection, we can help.

Report a missed Business Waste Collection

Report your missed Business Waste Collection using our online form

Report suspected breach of Covid-19 business regulations

Report suspected breach of Covid-19 business regulations via Worcestershire Regulatory Services

Street Signs

Street signs can be damaged or in need of replacing. Please tell us here what the problem is

Worcestershire County Council

This is a link to Worcestershire County Council's website, for things such as schools, roads, and social care.