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What if work was completed without an application?

Where works are carried out without Building Regulations approval being sought the owner may be prosecuted. However you can make a retrospective application to have unauthorised building work carried out since November 1985 ‘regularised’.

We simply have to see that the building work complies with the regulations.

Many people innocently convert garages or lofts without submitting the correct building regulations application and these form the bulk of our regularisation applications. Please remember we still need to see how the building work was done and this may mean opening up part so the work for inspection. 

Often, the need for a Regularisation only comes when a property is being sold as solicitors correctly ask for a copy of our Certificate which can not be provided.

Regularisations are not always possible and the Council is not under any obligation to issue any retrospective certificates.

Make an application

Before you apply, we advise you to speak to us re- application advice

You'll need to complete and return this Regularisation Certificate application form. You can apply online using here. Ensure you include plans and particulars that indicate the works carried out and any applicable fees.

After you've applied there are two stages:

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