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When an application is not required

Most building work requires a Building Regulations application to be made however some projects do not require an application.

Whilst the following is not a definitive list typical exempt projects  include:

  • Buildings into which people do not normally go or only enter for the purposes of maintenance or inspection.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Conservatories, Covered yards or Porches less than 30sq.m floor area built at ground floor level. Please note: a conservatory needs to have a glass or polycarbonate or similar roof and be separated from main building by doors. Open plan conservatories require an application to be made.
  • Buildings used for the keeping of animals on agricultural land.
  • Temporary buildings (in place for less than 28 days)
  • Small detached buildings with a floor area of less than 30sq.m and containing no sleeping accommodation. These building do however need to be at least 1m from any boundary or constructed in non combustible material such as brick with tiled roofs. Typically this exemption applies to small double garages with pitched roofs provided they meet the criteria just described.
  • Any small detached building positioned anywhere but has a floor area of less than 15sq.m and contains no sleeping accommodation.
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