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New Certificate Applications

A club premises certificate allows a club to use the club premises for "qualifying club activities" such as the sale and supply of alcohol and the provision of regulated entertainment to club members and their bona-fide guests.

More information on club premises certificates can be viewed on the GOV.UK website

Applying for a club premises certificate

Detailed guidance notes on applying for a club premises certificate has been written by the Home Office and can be downloaded here:

Home Office Guidance for Club Premises Certificate Applications

To help make your application process run more smoothly, Worcestershire Regulatory Services now offers a Pre-application assistance service, you can find out more here

Apply by post

You can download the application form for a club premises certificate here:

Club Premises Certificate application form - printable

The club must make a declaration that it is a qualifying club. This can be done using the following club declaration form:

Club Declaration form - printable

A public notice must be displayed at the club premises and published in a local newspaper, circular or similar document during the consultation period required before your certificate is issued. A template for you do use to do this can be downloaded below. Please note that the notice displayed at the relevant premises must be printed on light blue paper.

Public Notice template - printable


A table of the fees that must be paid for applications made under the Licensing Act 2003 can be found on our licensing fees and charges page.

You can find out the non-domestic rateable value of the relevant premises by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website

Serving the application

Clubs need to send applications to us at:

Licensing, Bromsgrove District Council, Parkside, Market Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 8DA

Copies of your application will also need to be sent to all of the responsible authorities, whose contact details can be found here:

Responsible Authorities List

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. After the 28 day consultation period has expired, if no representations have been received from responsible authorities or other persons, then the licence is granted as applied for. We will issue the licence shortly after.

If there is a representation from a responsible authority other person then this will cause the application to be considered by the Licensing Sub-Committee. A hearing will be arranged within 56 days from the date the application is made.

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